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Biden's Mandate Madness Is Socialist Tyranny

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China Wins Another Round


Wake Up, Mr. President. We Are in a Cold War


Afghanistan: Time for Accountability

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Afghanistan: Forget the Deadline. Biden Has Already Surrendered

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Cuban Uprising -- Can Biden Do What's Right?

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Destroying Our Military From Within

Family Walking

Fatherless Children -- The Progressive-Democrat Nightmare

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Biden's Unity Fantasy

College Library

Saving America's Colleges and Universities From 'Wokeness'

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'Progressive' Hubris and Hypocrisy

White Chair in an Empty Room

Parents, Beware of Public Schools

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Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Socialists


Is Biden Another Neville Chamberlain?

The Stars

Biden's Border Crisis: Criminals, COVID-19 and Congestion

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'Moderate' Joe Biden Has Become a Socialist Tyrant

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President Biden's Treacherous Team

American Flag

Milley and Blinken Must Resign

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Truth: Another Casualty of the Afghanistan War

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Afghanistan: A Way Out of Biden's Debacle

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Fixing the Biden Bug Out in Afghanistan

Police Cars

'Defund the Police' Backfires on the Left -- So They Blame Republicans

Books On Shelf

Critical Race Theory: Warmed-Over Marxism

Eagle Flying

Memorial Day Tribute: Honoring Our Fallen Heroes

Handgun and  Ammunition

The Biden Gun Ban Plans

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Biden's Border Crisis: Criminals, COVID-19 & Congestion

City Scape

Wokeness Gone Wild


July 4, 1776: Sacrificing for Freedom


Expel Rep. Maxine Waters; Impeach President Joe Biden


Biden's Blunders in Foreign Policy: The First 100 Days





Message for the President: To Unite Americans, Reach out to Christians

One of President Biden’s often-repeated goals is to unite our divided nation. If he is sincere, we offer this bit of advice: Mr. President, to unite all Americans, begin by reaching out to the Christian community.  

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How Do I Follow my Faith Without Losing My Job?

Christianity used to be the dominant religion in the Western World. Now, it seems that there are fewer and fewer places where Christians can openly practice their faith without facing condemnation. 

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Christians in a secular workplace: How to navigate anti-faith harassment, LGBT co-workers, #MeToo

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Approaching Diversity: Practical Strategies


America is populated by people of every race, religion, nationality, worldview, sexual identity, and culture in the world. As a result, it is one of the most diverse countries in the planet.  

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Counseling Christians on Workplace Challenges to their Faith

The modern workplace can be a difficult environment for Christians.  

David Goetsch writes book of faith-based career advice
Northwest Florida Daily News - February 4, 2019

More than 70 college textbooks and corporate training books bear the name of the Northwest Florida State College emeritus vice president and business professor, but the book he released Jan. 1 will sit in the Christian aisle. Goetsch wrote “Christians on the Job: Winning at Work without Compromising Your Faith” after many people approached him for counsel on the subject.

“The people who come to me are Christians who are wondering, ‘Can I even succeed in today’s workplace and be faithful to what I believe?’” Goetsch said. “The point I make in the book is, not only can you, but in the long run, that’s going to be what makes you succeed.”

The genre isn’t the only difference this book has from the others by Goetsch. It’s also the first one he wrote in his Niceville home office.

Because Goetsch counsels Christians regularly, the subject matter came quickly.......