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It's Still Possible: 100 Reminders That God Can Do All Things (Mark 10:27

In these turbulent times, we all need to be reminded that with God all things are possible. This is the message in Mark 10:27. It is also the message in my friend Karen Moore’s new book: “It’s Still Possible: 100 Reminders That God Can Do All Things” (Thomas Nelson, 2020). Karen is one of the most prolific Christian authors in America and her latest book is a jewel. In it she gives her readers 100 inspiring reminders of the message in Mark 10:27. Here is a brief sample from the Introduction:

“You’ve been there. You’ve been to the place where you were ready to reach for a star, set your dreams in motion, get your life moving on the path you were certain it should go—and then the unexpected happened. Clouds became so thick you could hardly see your star, your dreams went off-kilter, and your path was constrained, severely limited, beyond difficult. You looked at it all and declared in your heart, ‘This is impossible.’"

Karen is right; we have all been there. We have all experienced frustration and discouragement when our well-laid plans went awry. Suddenly, instead of the victory lap we hope to take we find ourselves facing a mountain that seems too steep to climb. When you find yourself in this situation, it is important to remember if you try to go it alone that mountain will be too steep to climb. But if you ask God to walk by your side, you will eventually reach the peak. Karen says it this way in her new book: “The first step is to surrender your dreams, your hopes, and your very life to God, trusting that He is your guide and your infinite voice of possibility.” This is good advice.

As a Christian counselor, some of the best resources I recommend to clients are Karen’s books, and this one now tops the list. There is so much discouragement in life that we often feel beaten down and robbed of hope. Karen’s new book does just the opposite. It builds readers up and gives them hope. Here are the titles to just a few of the chapters in this excellent new book:

  • What Do You Believe?

  • Think Big…No Bigger

  • He Makes All Things New

  • It’s Not Too Late

  • Remember Who You Are

  • What Dreamers Know

This is just six of Karen’s inspiring reminders; there are 100 of them in her new book. This is a book all believers need to have on their shelves—right next to their Bibles. It will also make a heartwarming, inspiring gift for friends and family this Christmas. “It’s Still Possible: 100 Reminders That God Can Do All Things” by Karen Moore is available at all major booksellers. I recommend it to my readers in the highest possible terms. Fair warning though; once you start reading Karen’s new book it will be hard to put it down (and that’s a good thing).


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