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David L. Goetsch

Dr. David Goetsch is a Christian Counselor, Life Coach, and church deacon whose counseling, books, articles, and blog seek to help people apply Scripture in overcoming the challenges and struggles they face at home, in school, at work, and in the community.  The overarching theme of his work is “Scripture in Action.”  Dr. Goetsch is also Emeritus Vice-President and Professor at Northwest Florida State College where he has served for forty-three years. He is one of the most widely-published college professors in the United States.  His books are used in colleges, universities, corporate training settings, and counseling sessions throughout the world.   


Release Date:  February 11, 2020

Christians on the Job: Winning at Work without Compromising Your Faith

January 1, 2019

In Matthew 10:16, Christ advised His Apostles to be "wise" and "innocent" as they go out "in the midst of wolves." This book shows Christians how to be wise and innocent as they work among people who sometimes behave like wolves. Temptation, greed, dishonesty, and misguided ambition have always presented challenges for Christians in the workplace. Add secular bias, political correctness, and persecution to the mix, and the modern workplace becomes a foreboding environment for Christians to navigate. This is so much the case, many Christians wonder if it is still possible to earn a living without compromising their faith. 

Christians on the Job does more than demonstrate that Christians can stand firm when confronted with faith-related dilemmas in the workplace. It also demonstrates how to go about it. Using concepts illustrated with real-life examples, steps to implement in specific situations, life application questions, and resources for going deeper, Dr. Goetsch draws a clear map to ensure Christians can find their way and thrive on the job. 

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"This book speaks to one of the biggest challenges Christian women face in their lives—excelling at work without compromising their faith. Apply the strategies Dr. Goetsch recommends in this excellent book and you will meet this challenge." 


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